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Featured Videos #1

Dr Anish Kotecha summarises key take-aways from a 2022 joint position statement from the British Menopause Society, Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists and Society for Endocrinology on best practice recommendations for the care of women experiencing the menopause.


Dr Kate Chesterman provides an overview of corticosteroids, their mechanism of action, therapeutic uses, side effects, and precautions when prescribing.


Dr Kate Chesterman explores the definition, prevalence, risk factors and management of statin intolerance, as well as alternative treatment options available to patients affected by this condition.


Dr Kate Chesterman discusses aspects of overactive bladder syndrome including symptoms, causes, diagnosis, treatment options and lifestyle modifications.
Dr Anish Kotecha summarises the key points from this recent safety update, which was informed by the findings from a recent observational study of pregnancies exposed to pregabalin.

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